The Best Stockinette Meat bags with Best Quality & Best rates on the globe. Printed meat bags and plain bags are available on any size what you are looking for.

About The Company

We are in business since 2012 & our main goal is to provide best quality to our customers with best rates and to keep the standard high in quality control and quality assurance. The most users of this bags are the meat exporters as log as they want to keep the meat fresh till they reach to the destination.

Why Stockinette?

Keep your meat fresh

Stockinette is the combination of Polyester & cotton, it absorbs the wet part of meat and net of the stockinette give the air to meat which keep the meat very fresh from the slaughter house to the plate .

One Stop Shop

All you need is under one roof. From cutting to packing all our stations are in one place.

Tags or Labels

We sticth the tags or labels on the bottom of the bag its all up on the customer how do they want their bag with Tag or without Tag.

Advertise your company

We do print the bags as per the customer need. This is excellent for advertise your company to place your company name, address, phone number, so meat importers can contact to meat exporters and get more business.

Plain & Printed bags

We make Plain bags and also printed bags in any color you want, send us your design or we can design your bag . Many of our customers are taking plain bags.

Customize your bags

Always get the size from customer on their requirement. Whether it is for Lamb, Goat, Sheep, Veal or Pork. We can cut any size as you want.

Our Team

The best part of our factory is that all department are under one roof. Almost all employees are with us from the day one and all are experienced and professionals at their station.

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